Main Staging Area – Transition Flow and Finish Line–Maps on the Course Details Page.

The main staging area is in the parking lot of the Legacy at Sinclair. The finish line will be through the gates of the Legacy.

The race transition area is organized based on your assigned race number. The bike racks are marked by ranges of “7” numbers, beginning with 1 through 7 and so on. Bikes do not have to be racked in numerical order ON the rack, but must be placed on the rack designated for your race number range.


Swim Course

The swim course is a 500 yard triangular swim. The swim will go out to a buoy where you will make a left and head on a diagonal line to the exit of the lake. The race transition will be up the steps out of Lake Sinclair on the South end of the Legacy property. You will follow flags out to the bike transition area. SHOULD YOU REQUIRE ASSISTANCE ON THE SWIM AND TAKE A LIFE PRESERVER FROM THE WATER VOLUNTEERS, PLEASE RETURN IT TO THE FOOD TENT IN THE POST RACE AREA. If you DO use a flotation device to MOVE FORWARD, you will be disqualified from the race.

The water temperature is expected to be above 78, which means it is NOT wetsuit legal. Feel free to bring a wetsuit just in case we dip below 78 °F!

Swim Start Information:

The swim will be conducted in a wave start. The waves will be determined on the amount of participants and then separated on age groups and relay teams.

Swim Exit Information / Swim to Bike Transition:

There will be steps and volunteers at the swim exit. This will also be your “run start” area when you come back from the bike course. The bike entrance and exit is on the OPPOSITE side of transition from the swim finish and run start.

Bike Course

The bike course will head out of the Country Club and head east down Log Cabin Rd. At Log Cabin Road and Airport Rd you will take a right to make a full loop around the “airport” area. After you make an approximate 5 miles loop you will head back up Log Cabin and make a quick detour down Hudson Rd. and uturn around Marshall to meet up with Log Cabin again. From here you are a few short miles back at the Legacy at Sinclair.

Run Course

The 5k run course is a loop course. Runners will exit the transition area and head out over the golf course. This is the reverse direction that it has been in past years. Runners will exit the golf course and run on a paved road alongside the course. They will then exit onto Sinclair Dam Road and head back towards the Milledgeville Country Club to finish down the entrance to the Legacy at Sinclair Condominiums. Water stations will be located at the mile and a half mark and in the transition area.