Mass Communication

Example Degree Program Map (AA)
Example Degree Program Map (AS) 

About This Program:

The Mass Communication program prepares students for a baccalaureate degree in Mass Communication at most four-year institutions by giving students a solid foundation in public speaking and media writing, as well as a thorough understanding and analysis of the history and current trends in the mass communication marketplace. Students develop important critical and analytical thinking skills necessary to navigate the fast-moving, complex world of today’s mass communication.

What You Will Learn:

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to comprehend and interpret communication texts.
  • Students will develop effective public speaking skills.
  • Students will demonstrate effective communication in writing for media.

Program Benefits:

Mass communication is a broad, rapidly-changing, and highly competitive field.  Students with a degree in Mass Communication are not only prepared to work in a wide variety of occupations, but also become better consumers of the media that drive much of our lives. Mass Communication graduates who complete their Bachelor’s degree are working in a wide variety of careers in television and radio production, the movie industry, social media production and management, public relations, video production, online media, and advertising. Those who pursue post-graduate degrees in Mass Communication most often work in media-related management positions or teach at the college level.

Program Length:

A.A. – 95/100 Quarter Hours
A.S. – 90/96 Quarter Hours

Average Cost for Degree:

$13,230 – 14,700
Example Degree Program Map (AA)
Example Degree Program Map (AS)