Logistics Management

Example Degree Program Map (AA)
Example Degree Program Map (AS)

About This Program:

The A.A, A.S. Logistics Management program is designed to provide students with a foundation body of knowledge involving a command of the basic language and skills of the business environment.  This education will enable graduates to critically analyze business information and be engaged in business decision-making processes thereby contributing to their professions, communities, and organizations.

What You Will Learn:

  • Students will utilize accounting software such as MS Excel to construct and evaluate accounting data.
  • Students will compare economic data.
  • Students will formulate business communications that reflect ethics in the business environment.

Program Benefits:

Earning an A.A, A.S. degree in logistics management will prepare students for employment opportunities and meet educational requirements for continuation to a bachelor degree in business administration or supply chain management. Upon completion of this degree, graduates will be able to transfer credits to a 4-year B.A., B.S. degree program in Business Administration or Logistics Management.  Business degree majors consistently remain in the top ten careers with jobs in marketing, accounting, and finance.

Program Length:

A.A. – 95/98 Quarter Hours
A.S. – 90/94 Quarter Hours

Average Cost for Degree:

$13,230 – 14,406
Example Degree Program Map (AA)
Example Degree Program Map (AS)