Human Communications

Example Degree Program Map (AA)
Example Degree Program Map (AS)

About This Program:

The Human Communication program prepares students for a baccalaureate degree in Human Communication and/or Communication Studies at most four year institutions by giving students a solid foundation in public speaking, interpersonal communication skills, and communication theory.  Students also develop important critical and analytical thinking skills.

What You Will Learn:

-Graduates will demonstrate the ability to comprehend and interpret communication texts.

-Graduates will develop effective public speaking skills.

-Graduates will demonstrate effective communication in writing.

Program Benefits:

Employers across the spectrum regularly list Communication skills as one of the most important qualifications for their employees.  Communication Studies degrees are a broad-based, solid foundation for many different areas in graduate school, as well.  Communication Studies graduates who complete their Bachelor’s degree are working in a wide variety of careers in business, industry, government, nonprofit organizations or human services.  With careful planning and advisement, a graduate can also pursue an advanced degree in an area that requires excellent communication such as law, social work, clinical psychology, business administration, and high school or university teaching.


Program Length:


A.A. – 95/100 Quarter Hours

A.S. – 90/96 Quarter Hours

Average Cost for Degree:

$13,230 – 14,700


Example Degree Program Map (AA)
Example Degree Program Map (AS)