Corporate Partnerships

Georgia Military College has partnered with businesses who offer tuition reimbursement.  This program allows students to graduate in a degree program that is chosen by the partnership at little to no cost to the students.  We collaborate with the partnership’s human resources department to coordinate the exchange of the student’s course grades and provide sponsor billing.

GEICO is one of our corporate partnerships.  The student must enroll in GMC’s Business Administration program in order to receive tuition reimbursement.  Once the student has completed the admissions process and been advised, the student completes a master promissory note with the Business Office.  The promissory note states that the student is responsible for $50/course and textbooks.  The student needs to receive a grade of a “C” or higher in order for GEICO to submit payment for the remaining tuition.

For more information on partnering with GMC, contact:
Brooke Bruton
Online Assistant Director