Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management

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About this program:

Individuals who have an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree may find that they’ve
typically gone as far as they can with the AAS—a “technical” or “occupational” degree that does
not articulate well with traditional BA and BS degree programs. Such individuals may find
themselves professionally stalled for lack of a bachelor’s degree, while less technically
experienced employees with BA or BS degrees are hired for supervisory or management
positions.  As the need for bachelor degrees increases in positions that have not traditionally required bachelor’s degrees, individuals will need pathways to the education and the associated bachelor degrees that do not cause a significant, if any, loss of previously earned college credit. The BAS builds upon previously earned college credit and uses that education and AAS degree as the foundation upon which to build. Just as there are increases in positions that have not
traditionally required bachelor’s degrees, there need to be transfer solutions/pathways for
college-level courses that have been labeled “not intended for transfer.”

The Georgia Military College BAS in Business Management degree is designed to grow and enhance the professional management skills of individuals with AAS degrees in business management and related areas and meet the demand for highly technical professional leaders in the workplace. This degree program is also designed to support the transfer of general education credits as well as occupational course credits from an AAS degree into GMC’s BAS curriculum. This program will provide a seamless transition from an applied associate’s degree to an applied bachelor’s degree and will prepare students for business supervisory and managerial careers.